August Athlete of the Month: JOE B. FLECK

I have always said that my name and the word “athlete” should never be used in the same sentence.  This is all thanks to my height and speed, or lack thereof. Therefore, to even be considered for the Athlete of the Month is very flattering.  I have exercised for many years and tried all the “insane” get fit in “90X” days DVDs, paid many different gym memberships, ran many miles and tried different cycling/kick boxing/aerobic classes, but ALL of them become monotonous and boring to the point where I didn’t want to push myself or just lost interest all together. Then a few friends of mine were telling me about the Crossfit Gyms they have joined in other cities so I looked into it and thought I would give it a try. That was a year ago in August and now every Sunday I am checking to see what the upcoming week has in store for me. Since my wife and I’s lives revolve around our four kids, the only time I can workout is in the early morning.

So, one of the hardest parts for me about Crossfit is waking up around 4:45 am Monday through Thursday so I can meet the other “Early Birds” for the 5:30 am class. However, when I am done with the WOD I feel and look more like the worm that the “Early Bird” feasts on!  But it’s my fellow Ninja’s and coaches that are there at that push me to work harder and faster even when I’m not really “feeling it” so early in the morning.  Plus, with the ever changing WOD’s, it never gets monotonous, but yet it’s always challenging and all of this is why I continue to get up every morning to workout.

I’m not going to lie and say I am looking forward to every WOD especially when it has posted 150 WB’s or 100 Burpees, and it has taken me sometime to figure out all of the fun acronyms that are used.  However, when you hear “Time” or complete your last R4T, I am extremely glad I came. Then I head to work afterwards like some “Cave Man” eating Ninja, but can’t start my day unless I hear 3, 2, 1… GO!

Joe B. Fleck
August 2013 Athlete of the Month
CrossFit XLR8