Brad Hawkins: Athlete of the Month February 2013

February Athlete of the Month: Brad Hawkins!!! Congrats! And who’s that with Brad???? One of his fans:)

My Crossfit Story

There are many CrossFitters in this gym that could easily be CrossFitters of the month. It is a good feeling to be in a place with so many like minded people, people who have my admiration and my respect. Coach and Trainers y’all are awesome!

Until July of 2012 I had never been acquainted with CrossFit much less what type of effect it could have on the lives of its participants. I have been a competitive athlete and “worked out “ for most of my life. But it seemed that as life grew more stressful, my free time and desire to work out decreased. At the end of the day I felt tired and worn out. My wife and I where picking up habits that were not in the best interest of our health or our bodies. It was then a night out with a friend that the subject, CrossFit, came up.  As we sat there, stuffing our faces with all the good stuff, tortillas, cheese and a few margaritas, I came to realize how unhealthy we were really becoming and how in shape our friend had become. She looked great! It was obvious she had been working out. At that time she told us she had been doing CrossFit in Gregory.

During the next few weeks CrossFit became a topic I heard more, and more.  The “straw that broke the camels back,” was witnessing firsthand the changes that came in CrossFitter’s – J.P. Nunez and Heath Littleton.  On two separate occasions over a period of time I noticed their physiques were evolving.  Seeing them led me to believe that there must be something to this “CrossFit thing,”  I thought about it long and hard and came to the conclusion that if Heath, could give up a cold beer for an extended period of time, CrossFit must really be worth looking into.

I had done some lifting in my time but, predominantly running was my strong point. At first I was reserved about CrossFit. Reluctantly, with the help of my wife, I went to that first WOD. It was a bit intimidating for me seeing women tossing up weights over their heads that I could barely get off the ground.  Although, at the same time I was so impressed at the age diversity and how truly fit they all were, simply impressive!

I began my first day of CrossFit still contemplating going back to what I had been so accustomed to, running.  When I was so kindly reminded by my wife, of the repetitive injuries I experienced pounding the pavement.  I was drug back to CrossFit for day number 2 . At the end of day 3 I literally wanted no part of CrossFit, let alone workout number 4. But, somehow the fourth WOD did the trick. It was at that point I became “hooked on CrossFit.”

Thanks Molly, Jason, Zeph, Ryan, and Greg so much for the continued inspiration and support.

Brad Hawkins, Chiropractor