CF XLR8 March Newsletter


“XLR8 NIGHT OUT” : This is every other Tuesday after the 6:15pm class (approx. 7:15pm)…for as long as we have participation. Starting this Tuesday, March 5th….LADDERS! If interested go to the website for details! Will be posted asap at (

CrossFit Open starts Wednesday, March 6th!!! We will have the open WOD’s submitted into every regular class on Thursdays, for the next 5 weeks. So to see what’s in store, go to ( .

Sunday, March 10th : XLR8 will be letting the USA PowerLifting Association use their facility for the USAPL Gulf Coast Championships. I don’t have a lot of details on the event, but will pass along asap. You are all invited to come and watch and I believe you will see some that you recognize!

Burpees for Life: Yes! We are almost done!! Monday, March 11th at 6pm will be the “BIG BURPEE BLOWOUT! “ We will time our 50 and order our shirts!!!

March 23rd : Pot Luck Supper 6:30pm – 9pm here at the gym. (This date is instead of March 16th) We will have 10 “SURPRISE” GUEST OF HONORS!!! Please attend and congratulate them!


Athlete of the Month February 2013: Congratulations Brad Hawkins!!! Your extra hard work, extra determination has been observed! Story to be published shortly at (

XLR8 Pants, Leggings, Capris and Shorts are on order! New headbands and more TShirts will be here this week! Thank you so much for your representation!

South Central Regional Competition in San Antonio May 24-27th; List is on the front board if you plan on attending. I have arranged for hotel (discounts) but need a secure number asap. If you would like to go, write your name up there and come talk to me!!!

Leaderboards: Finally getting into file format suitable for easy access on our website. Be looking for this at ( as well as a print out on our applause board!

Parents with children in XLR8 Childcare: In order to keep updated and convenient for everyone, your amounts for the month will be totaled and added to your next draft. Amounts will be totaled for your viewing by the 1st of every month!

Memorial Day Holiday Weekend: Due to Regional Competition and Holiday: We will be closed Saturday, May 25th and Monday, May 27th! We will be giving homework assignments!

Let’s have a great Month!!!