CrossFit XLR8 Weekly update email and announcements!

Hello Ninjas,

Well, week 2 complete of the Biggest Winner Contest and things are going great! There are stars everywhere!!! Love it!!!

Monday, Jan 14th is our “most-year experienced” member’s 85th birthday!!! Vyneta (Betty’s mom) has been rowing with us for quite some time now and has experienced PR’s herself!!! She is one tough cookie, just like her daughter, and we want to celebrate her birthday tomorrow night at 7pm with a cake and a birthday song!!! This is a surprise, so wait till the cake and candles before we wish her Happy Birthday!!! She is a true inspiration, let’s celebrate with her!!! Burpees 4 Life : Don’t forget to put your stickers up! This week, time yourself with 50 burpees!!! Look at board for weekly challenges…doesn’t mean you have to do the challenge in order to count, just if you want to change things up. DON’T EVER GIVE UP!!! Biggest Winner Contest weekly challenge: 10 Strict pullups everyday for the week Saturday, January 19th : Pot Luck Supper at 6:30pm… bring your healthy dish and write down your recipe! At 7:15pm or so, Labron Allen, nutritional guru will be giving us a talk on Clean Nutrition and Recovery….he is awesome, DO NOT MISS THIS!!! WE ARE SO FORTUNATE HE IS COMING TO DO THIS FOR US… YOU MAY INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!!! COME AND LEARN, TAKE NOTES!!! Sign-up for In-House Competition: In-house competition this year will be Saturday, Feb 9 and Sunday Feb 10th …sign up on clipboard at front desk. We will have several division, your coaches will put you in the division that is appropriate. It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding!!!

Vyneta Haynes 85 Years Young!!!
Surprise BDay wishes Mon evening 7pm!!!