February Athlete Of The Month: CHRISTINE BOWEN

How does it all begin??? It started with a very persistent friend/avid CrossFitter (shout out to Susan) who told be about XLR8, and I have to admit, I was curious and a little intimidated. But I needed to change my unhealthy lifestyle and I wanted a challenge, of which, after that first day I was hooked. The first two weeks were the most painful, I could barely get out of bed much less walk, but it was just two short weeks out of my life and I was making an improvement. The really awesome part is those two weeks turned into months and now two years later XLR8 is what it’s all about. I love the challenge, the no BS in your face awesomeness you get from every workout. I am so glad she showed me the door; more so, glad I decided to walk through it. CrossFit has helped me in more ways than one and it’s more than just another workout, its camaraderie. Let’s face it we are a very unique breed since the majority of the world thinks we are absolutely crazy. Maybe they are right and if that’s the case then I gladly accept my insanity with a smile and nod.

On that note I would like to say thank you to all our coaches y’all rock. It is really awesome to be athlete of the month and proud to be a member of XLR8. To the other athlete’s alongside me it’s truly touching to know so many wickedly awesome people. Stay strong and never give up the fight.

Christine Bowen
February Athlete of the Month