June Athlete of the Month: SANDY SUGGS

First of all, and everyone says this, but it’s true–Behind every great athlete is a great COACH or in this case -COACHES. CrossFit XLR8 has the best coaches – very supportive, knowledgeable, and always FUN.

A little over a year ago I suffered a severely ruptured disc in my cervical spine. My left arm was nearly paralyzed and the pain was unbearable. I underwent major surgery to replace the disc and ended up with a titanium plate and four screws in my neck. I was in bed for 6 weeks waiting to heal. (The longest 6 weeks of my life.) I slowly started to regain some strength in my arm but found myself feeling unhealthy (mentally and physically) and decided I needed to find something to help me to feel better.

In November I walked into CrossFit XLR8 with one goal in mind… That was to BECOME STRONGER. I had no idea just how strong I would become. I admit I was terrified, but the encouragement I received from fellow CrossFitters made it much easier to come back for more. I knew that I had limitations because of my injury so I listened to the coaches and learned. I started challenging myself and stopped second-guessing myself. Some days I thought I would puke or faint, but it didn’t take long to see and feel my body start to change. I had to break the outer shell that I developed from being down for so long. I also made some changes to my eating habits. Eating a little cleaner has helped in so many ways. I am accomplishing more than what I set out to do.

I have to mention the support I get from home. I realized how important it is for me to take care of myself. It became clear to my husband and kids just how important it was for me to make CrossFit a part of my life. My kids also are CrossFitters and they love it! They too see the benefit of having a strong mom and wife.

CrossFit is medicine for my body, mind, spirit and soul.

Sandy Suggs
June Athlete of the Month