November Athlete of the Month: Norma Garza

I first heard of CrossFit from Holli West when she sent out an email informing everyone at the high school that Molly Gillespie was bringing CrossFit to Portland. My baby was 2 months old, and I was what I would consider in the worst shape of my life…I was ready to try something new. When I first saw Molly, I thought to myself, “If that’s what CrossFit can do for me, then sign me up!” I was, however, initially intimidated by the movements as they seemed too difficult for me. Then Greg West, along with Molly, explained how EVERY exercise could be modified for EVERYBODY. I quickly became addicted to the workouts, and the progress I saw in myself was evident in my strength, energy level, and of course, how my clothes fit. My husband often complimented me on the positive change he could see in me as well. After some gentle nudging, he also decided to join, and thanks to Molly adding CrossFit Kids, my older son joined as well. We can make working out something we do as a family since Molly also provides child care with an excellent staff. After three years of CrossFit, the progress has never ceased. I continue to reach new fitness goals, which, of course, motivates me to aspire for the next goal! In the last year alone, I have moved up 2 bands on my pull-ups and increased the weight on my kettlebell swing and all my lifts. The camaraderie of the coaches and members is amazing. I owe a huge thank you to Molly, Greg, Zeph, Ryan and Jason for always encouraging me to do by best while making me smile even during the toughest workouts with their awesome sense of humor! If anyone should want to see actual proof of my body’s transformation, just take a look at my first group picture on the wall…CrossFit XLR8 definitely built a better body for me, and I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life!