October Athlete Of The Month: Doug Moore

I joined XLR8 to change my life for a healthier lifestyle and knew the CrossFit route would be the best way to do so. Prior to XLR8, my health was rather stagnant and my eating habits were not the best. It’s funny what cutting all the junk food out of your life will do for you.

Now since joining XLR8, my body fat percentage has not only greatly decreased, but with my demanding high intensity job, I feel better and healthier keeping me from getting tired after a long day of work. What I have found at XLR8 was so much more. It is the ability to control my own future, the confidence to face difficult challenges and know I would still be OK even though lacking in skills, I can be relentless until I gained that skill. Every workout is a mental barrier for various reasons. Sometimes it’s about mobility, others the physical endurance to survive a 20 minute AMRAP. CrossFit is about getting to where you’ve never been before!

I would like to thank all the XLR8 coaching staff for all their hard work and effort in helping me accomplish my goals!

Doug Moore
Athlete of the Month
October 2014