Challenge Week 1 Summary

Congratulations to all Paleo Challenge Participants who have successfully made it through the first week of our Paleo/Transformation Challenge.

Everyone is doing SO great – we are really proud of all of you for making such great food choices over the last week and really sticking with your comitment to this challenge! You ALL deserve a blue ribbon for making it through the “hell week” that Week 1 often presents.

We have reviewed the first week of food logs, and emailed comments  and suggestions to each of you individually. If you did  not receive an email with food log comments, please email Christie at

We’re going to make two minor changes to the challenge, effective week 2:

  • You will only be able to earn a maximum of 30 “Workout” points per week. This equates to 6 days at 5 points per day. It is imperative that we give our bodies time for rest and recovery – a minimum of one “rest day” per week. We don’t want anyone compromising their health or pushing their bodies to the point of injury for the sake of challenge points :) If you posted 7 days worth of workouts to BTWB last week, you will receive points for all days, but going forward the maximum number of days that points can be earned for workouts is 6.


  • Food Logs will be turned in on Monday instead of Friday/Saturday going forward. The next turn-in date is Monday, 1/18 and should include all food logs not yet turned in through Sunday, 1/17. This will allow us to total points on a weekly basis using a Mon – Sun week.

If anyone has any questions about their food log comments/suggestions or about the updates above, please email

Keep up the great work everyone – It only gets better from here on out!